Multifunctional & Intelligent VACUUM PAD

1.  This vacuum pad provides suction function perpendicular to or lateral to body plane. It can be applicable for                            
      not only smooth plane but also plane with certain degree of rough and plane with certain degree of pit.                            
2.  The vacuum pressure is being detected at all time during use in order to maintain normal service condition.                            
Parts Illustration                            
1. power supply switch       :    press the switch to porvide power to the internal DC motor                        
2. charge outlet                  :    use attached charger to charge the built-in battery                        
3. start button                    :    press the button to start the vacuum pad to absorb object furface                        
4. indicating lamp             :    red light indicates short of electric power, and green light indicates usable                        
5. vent hole                        :    for air discharged from pad chamber to outside by the vacuum pump                        
6. suction hole                   :    for external air entering the pad chamber                        
7. pressure release button :     press the button to realease vacuum pressure                        
8. pressure gauge             :    indicate the vacuum pressure                        
9. outer rubber ring          :    hard rubber for absorbing smooth surface                        
10. inner rubber ring        :    soft rubber for absorbing rough plane or plane with pit                        
11. front handle                  :    use for absorption perpendicular to the plane                        
12. lateral handle                :    use for absorption lateral to the plane                        
13. mesh plate                     :    use for absorption to thin plate                        
Operation Procedure                            
1. Press power supply switch(1) to supply power.                            
2. Grasp the front handle(11) with pressing the vacuum pad lightly on object surface, and then press start button(3) to                            
    start vacuum pad.                            
3. Air in the pad chamber will be discharged through vent hole(5). At the same time, the hand of pressure gauge(8) is                            
    continuously rotating. When the hand reaches high preset pressure value,  DC motor will stop working and the object                            
    can be transported.                            
4. Use front handle(11) for lifting force perpendicular to object surface, or use lateral handle(12) for lifting force lateral to                            
    object surface.                            
5. After use, firstly press power supply switch(1) to cut off power, then press pressure release button(7) to realease                             
    vacuum pressue. The vacuum pad will be separated from the object.                            
6. Remove the foreign matter on the vacuum pad, and cover it with the attached protective cover.                            
        Do not press power supply switch(1) during use, otherwise DC motor can not restart to maintain high preset pressure.                             
        Excessive pressure reduction may cause the adsorbed object to escape from the vacuum pad, causing human injury or                            
        damage to the object.                            
        Do not press pressure release button(7) during use. Otherwise it will introduce external air into the pad chamber,                             
        causing the suction force to drop sharply, and the adsorbed object may escape from the vacuum pad to cause human                            
        injury or damage to the object.                             
        This product is hand tool and must not be used in connection with cranes or lifting device.                            
        This product is for use only by moving objects and should never be used on the human body.                            
        Keep vent hole(5) and suction hole(6) open to prevent vacuum pad from malfunctioning.                            
        Do not apply artificial pressure to outer rubber ring(9) and/or inner rubber ring(10). External pressure can deform                            
        the rubber rings to reduce or lose absorbing ability.                            
Precautions for use                            
    before use  :  ① Confirm whether the object is a thin plate. For thin plate, mesh plate(13) should be installed to avoid                              
                                excessive deformation of the thin plate object.                               
                            ② Press power supply switch(1) to confirm whether the battery is fully charged.                            
                                 For charging, refer to "after use" ②.                            
                            ③ Confirm that vent hole(5) and suction hole(6) must not be blocked.                            
                            ④ Confirm that there are no impurities or oily substances attached to the inner and/or                            
                                 outer rubber ring, and the VACUUM PAD body must not has any damage or crack.                            
                            ⑤ Confirm that there is no oily substances or moisture on the surface of body, and surface of                            
                                 the body should be of non-porous.                            
    during use  : ① When indicating lamp(4) is red, it indicates that the battery is low. Charge it before use.                            
                                 When indicating lamp(4) is green, it indicates that it can be used.                            
                            ② High pressur value is preset at approx. 50 cm-Hg, and low pressure approx. 40 cm-Hg at factory.                            
                                 When the pressure value drops to a low preset pressure duing use, the vaccum pump will                            
                                 automaticallystart to discharge the internal air to the outside through vent hole(5) until                             
                                 the pressure rises to high preset pressure value.                            
    after use     :  ① Do use the attached dedicated charger to charge.                            
                            ② For charging, plug in the charger and press power supply switch(1). Charging status is to                            
                                 be judged from the indicator light on the charger.                            
                            ③ Wipe the body with a dry, damp cloth. Do not immerse the body in water for cleaning.                            
                                 Cover the attached protective cover on the body when sotring.                            
    Impacts such as dropping of the vacuum pad may cause malfunction and fail to start or lose absorption                            
    Do not wipe the vacuum cup with an organic solvent or the like.                            
    The body is a closed device and is not allowed to be disassembled. Disassembly will not apply to warranty.                            
Maintenance precautions                            
· The inner and outer rubber rings are consumables. If the absorption force is insufficient, please send them to                             
  the manufacturer for inspection or replacement.                            
· The built-in battery is a consumable item. If it cannot be activated even after charging for a long time, please                             
  replace the battery by the manufacturer.                            
· Charger  :  input AC100V~240V  50/60Hz  ,   output DC12.6V  2A                            
· Built-in lithium battery  :   3.7V × 3pcs                            
· Brushless motor  :   rated voltage DC12V  ,  rated current  0.75A   ,   rated input 9W                            
· Battery Continuous use time  :   approx. 3 hours                            
· Absorption capacity  :    maximum lifting weight 80 kgf                            
                                                                                      (both for perpendicular and lateral direction to object surface)                        
·  Charger(1 pcs)  :  input AC100V~240V  50/60Hz    ,   output DC12.6V  2A  (With charging status indicator)                            
·  Protective cover(1 pcs)                            
·  mesh plate(1 pcs)                            
·  Under normal using and maintaining condition, one-year warranty is offered from date of purchase.                            
·  Rubber ring and battery are consumables and are excluded from warranty.                            
This product has been insured  for NTD2,000,000 product liability insurance.