Multipurpose Vacuum Pad

Multipurpose Vacuum Pad
Super Vaccum Suction
Press START BUTTON to make vacuum status automatically.
Detect leak status at all time to keep constant suction!
Multipurpose Vacuum Pad can be applied to several kinds of material.
No longer limited to smooth plane!
Not only for smooth plane
but also for plane with certain degree of rough
or pit.(Object to be lifted should be of non-porous)
Detect leak status
Always check vacuum pressure to keep constant suction.
Cherish the earth through energy saving and environmental protection
Use rechargeable battery instead of disposable battery
What kinds of object can the Multipurpose Vacuum Pad be applied to?
·Sometimes, it is difficult to move large furniture because of less of grasp point. Multipurpose Vacuum Pad may tightly adhere to both sides of the furniture to lift up and move easily.
·Especially easy for moving glass with one hand.
·In case façade access equipment works at height, suction pad is often used to avoid excessive of the cradle. Unfortunately, almost general suction pads are only used on glass panel. Multipurpose Vacuum Pad is a solution that you may expect, because it can be used on not only glass panel but also other material such as stone, board and etc.
Necessity to variety of industries!
Moving company, Glass industry, Stone industry, Cleaning industry, Decoration industry, Steel plate industry, and etc.
Machine handling      glass handling    tile surface with gap

Multipurpose Vacuum Pad Specification
Input AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz   output DC12.6V, 2A
rated voltage DC12V, rated current 0.75A, rated input 9W
Suction force
for outer rubber ring : approx. 140kgf perpendicular to object surface
                        approx. 100kgf lateral to object surface
for inner rubber ring : approx. 120kgf perpendicular to object surface
                        approx.80kgf lateral to object surface
built-in lithium battery : 3.7V×3 pcs.
continuous use time : approx. 3hours
self-weight : 2kgf
recommended load : 80kgf both perpendicular and lateral to object surface
accessories : 1. 1 set of charger with charging status indicator
2. 1 piece of protective cover
3. 1 piece of mesh plate
Ordering information
price : NTD10,000(tax excluded)
purchase : pre-order
shipment : about 30 working days after the order and payment settlement
           (according to the actual situation)
Under normal using and maintaining condition, one-year warranty is offered from date of purchase.
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